Personal Injury Definition

Personal injury is a legal term that refers to bodily injury a person suffers from an accident. Personal injury can include a negligence claim against a driver of a vehicle who is at fault in an accident. Unlike property damage, personal injury can be difficult to measure, which is why an attorney can be extremely helpful in the process. A personal injury claim includes not only compensation for a person’s medical bills, but also pain and suffering compensation for how the injury has affected the victim’s life during recovery, and lost wages if a victim is unable to work during recovery and compensation for permanent effects of the injury. If a person is unable to perform tasks they normally did before the accident, such as caring for a child, and have to hire someone else to take on this task during their recovery, that can be a part of a personal injury claim as well. Personal injury includes not only the physical effects suffered from an accident but includes emotional effects and pain.

Types of Personal Injuries

One of the most common personal injuries from a car accident is whiplash or strain of the cervical spine, but personal injuries from motorcycle accidents can be far more serious and long-lasting. If the rider was not wearing a helmet, head injuries can be extremely severe, as they can impair the victim’s memory and ability to perform everyday tasks. Paralysis resulting from damage to the spine can be common in motorcycle accidents, because you are less protected on a bike than if you were in a car. However, less severe personal injuries can occur, such as bruises and scrapes. Damage to shoulders and pelvises are the most common types of fractures suffered in motorcycle accidents.

Personal Injury Next Steps

U.S. Biker Law is here to help you with your personal injury claims that were the result of a motorcycle accident. If you have suffered a personal injury due to a motorcycle accident, please visit our Contact Us page submit the contact form so that we can provide you with premier legal assistance. Our Report Accident Now page serves to report recent motorcycle accidents. For more information about your legal situation, please visit our What to Expect page, as well as the What are Your Options page featured on our site. A personal injury attorney can help you through the process of settling your claim. We assure that you will get exceptional legal representation for your personal injury case.

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