Do’s and Don’ts

What to Do

Reporting an accident to the police is very important, especially if you are seeking to get compensation for any injuries sustained or reimbursement for damaged property during an accident. Some people will try to convince you not to report the accident because they have a poor driving record or they are afraid that their insurance rates will increase dramatically. They will instead offer to exchange their information with you, so they can pay for the damage themselves, out of pocket. If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, it is very important that you legally get proper compensation, so do not give in to this agreement to not file a report.

Filing a Report

When filing a report, make sure you are as accurate as possible in describing the details of the accident. Be very descriptive and make sure to mention details such as the estimated speed of the vehicles involved and how the collision occurred. List any witnesses who saw what happened, take plenty of pictures of your vehicle and if possible, the other vehicle, before they are repaired. Camera phones work very well for this, but remember to email the photo to yourself immediately after taking them, in case anything happens to your phone and the photos cannot be recovered.

What Not to Do

Do not say the accident was your fault to the police, to the other driver, or to anyone else. Even if you believe it was your fault, it is not a determination that you are responsible to make. The police officer who handles the case may or may not assign fault to one or more parties involved after reviewing all the information provided. Although the police officer’s statements regarding fault are not admissible if your case goes to court, an insurance adjuster will read the accident report and decide who is liable for the accident. On the other hand, do not lie to a police officer about the facts of the occurrence. Do not try to have your friends or acquaintances lie as witnesses for you. This will work against you during the accident investigation.

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